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Cannabis infused chocolate chip mini cookies

Cannabis infused chocolate chip mini cookies


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Cannabis infused chocolate chip

Big Pete’s indicachocolate chip cookies are a delicious treat with the added benefit of containing lots of THC. They are made with cannabutter, and come in many different flavors like peanut butter, cinnamon & sugar, lemon, and double chocolate. There are also sativa and high CBD varieties – but for this review I  decided to stick with the ever-popular indica chocolate chip.

These cookies took around 1.5 hours to kick in for me, which is about 30 minutes more that gummy edibles usually do. On the flip side, they also seemed to provide a longer lasting and stronger high than other 10mg THC edibles. Now, I am not sure exactly why that is, but I am definitely not complaining. As for effects, these indica cookies produced a heavily relaxing body high but, interestingly, did not induce any sort of couch lock or drowsiness. Instead, I felt very calm, happy, and productive. These cookies seemed to just make all my stress melt away and allowed me to get some work done with ease.

The packaging of Big Pete’s indica cookies is nicely done, and has an easy-open and resealable top. Nutrition wise, each cookie is 60 calories and tastes great. The cookies themselves are somewhat crumbly however, and a few of the cookies in the bag were broken into pieces.

Overall, Big Pete’s indica chocolate chip cookies are a great tasting treat with a strong THC kick. The high it produces is unique in the way it deeply relaxes yet encourages productivity. I also enjoy how long lasting the high is – and love that I only have to eat one cookie to get strong results. I would definitely buy from this brand again and I am eager to try their other varieties, particularly the sativa type, and compare results to this indica one. Time to put them on the shopping list I suppose!

Type: Indica

THC per cookie: 10 mg

CBD per cookie: <0.2 mg

Total servings: 10 cookies per bag


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