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Supreme cartridges

Supreme cartridges


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Buy cheap Supreme carts cannabis online | supreme carts

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This vape cartridge has amazing strength, it can be compared to Brass knuckles, and PURE vape. Although its label 95% THC, it doesn’t feel like it is that much stronger than other cartridges tested at lower percentages of THC.

Those who are after power and strength will be satisfied with the Supreme cartridge. It will get even the person with the highest tolerance stoned.Also you can buy supreme carts for sale online

There has been an independent lab test done on Supreme cartridges from the instagram user datdude41510. The lab results came back with dirty THC oil and a much lower THC percentage. There was no other lab test results available on Supreme cartridges. Its important to note that the packaging for the Supreme cartridge does have different colors than the one we tried. However, the packaging is the same design and not much different.

Buy Supreme Cartel  cartridges online

Supreme cartel cartridge delivers another high quality product with their THC Distillate Disposable Vape Pen.

Each vape pen is made from THC Distillate, an over 93% THC cannabis extract.

Processed in a state of the art facility through a short loop distillation, we are left with a solvent free extract.

Every disposable vaporizer is specifically designed with ceramic coils for proper consumption of distillate.

The sleek Gold Sicario Hollow Point design allows patients to medicate with ease and discretely on the go.

Each vape pen carries 1000mg of THC Distillate.

Non rechargeable and non refillable.

Each battery is 320 mah and equals roughly 150 puffs.


Supreme Cartel Flavors;

CBD Benefactors 

1. firstly,Reduced Risk of Diabetes and Obesity

2. secondly, Better Cholesterol Profiles and Lowered Risk of Cardiovascular Disease

3. moreover,Reduced Risk of Cancer

4. also, Helps Maintain Brain Health and Create Resilience to Trauma and Degeneration

5. in addition, Protects against Bone Disease and Broken Bone


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